Tata Steel further improving its carbon footprint with EnergyNest technology

30. November 2016 Applications, Projects
 Innovative thermal energy storage helping to utilize waste heat As part of its global footprint, Tata Steel operates various production facilities in IJmuiden / The Netherlands. During some production processes, intermittent high temperature exhausts are currently not utilized, but released to atmosphere. Tata Steel is constantly aiming to improve...
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Bringing EnergyNest’s thermal energy storage (TES) to life!

29. November 2016 Applications, Projects, Technology
Once construction of an EnergyNest TES is finished, it is time to make it work. Commissioning an EnergyNest TES is straightforward, at the same time it is important that it is carried out correctly to ensure that the TES performs optimally throughout the duration of the contracted lifetime. Commissioning...
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More wind turbines for Bavaria

28. November 2016 Statements
In an interview with the German daily, Die Welt, prominent physicist Dr. Eicke Weber called for stepping up the construction of wind and solar power plants in places where energy is needed. He argued that distributed power plants could reduce costs for consumers. For our CEO Dr. Christian Thiel,...
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Up to EUR 100 million price tag for reserve power capacity

24. November 2016 Statements
New fossil-fuel reserve power plants to secure the energy transition are expected to come on line by 2018, according to a report in the 11 November 2016 issue of the magazine Capital. Current estimates put the cost of these facilities at some EUR 50-100 million a year. Although EnergyNest...
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Project execution – advantages of an EnergyNest TES construction process

21. November 2016 Projects, Technology
If you are reading this, it’s probably due to your interest in energy storage and current trends in energy. You will also likely know something about molten salt systems used in CSP, and the associated challenges and headaches during construction and commissioning. What problems you say? We could mention...
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ENERGYNEST in the Champions League of European start-ups

10. November 2016 Projects
EnergyNest is honoured to have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon2020 Research and Innovation program under grant agreement number 744940 in October 2016. This confirms our position in Europe as we are regarded by the commission as a highly innovative company with a technology relevant for the high-growth...
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Why Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) beats Photovoltaic (PV) at less than 3 USD cents per kWh

1. November 2016 Environment, Technology
The cost of renewable energy is dropping every year, and this year we saw record low cost Photovoltaic (PV) projects such as the 800 MW project in Dubai offered at 2.99 US$ cents/kWh. So how is it that concentrating solar power (CSP) is still an attractive technology compared to...
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